Teacher, Artist


I am a musician, teacher, dancer, and a visual art dabbler. I like making things with people.
I was born on the West Coast, but grew up around the US. I was homeschooled until age 15, then attended college and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2012 with an English B.A. I worked in self-publishing for three years, then moved to the Bay Area in 2013, where I taught at an arts school and worked at an architecture & engineering firm. In late 2017, I moved to Madison, WI.

I was privately tutored in classical piano for eight years, with a variety of teachers in Northern California, including Leslie Gardner; and in North Carolina and Maine. I was tutored in classical guitar for eight years, with Nathan Kolowsko in Maine, Justin Davis in Washington, and Jeff Lambert previously of the Minneapolis Guitar Quartet, in Minnesota. I learned folk harp in Washington from Randy Parris. I had two years of classical voice training with Michael Albert with the Portland Conservatory of Music, and two years with Debra Gilroy of the Minnesota Chorale. Most recently, I took classical guitar lessons with Eric Cabalo, of Sonoma State University. In addition to studying instruments and associated repertoire, I record and write original songs.

I also studied ballet for twelve years. I began at Sebastopol Ballet in Sebastopol, CA; continued studying at Cary Conservatory in Cary, NC; moved on to Portland Ballet in Portland, ME; and concluded studies on Bainbridge Island, WA. More recent experiences include the 2014-2015 season with Risk Dance Company in Santa Rosa, CA; and character roles (a panda and a cat, most notably) with Sebastopol Ballet. I also occasionally teach dance classes, either creative movement or private lessons. My study of ballet, and dance at large, has greatly enriched and informed my experience with music, and vice versa.

Lastly, music history, pedagogy, and ethnomusicology are enormous passions; I am constantly seeking out new materials to further my education.

What I do


I am passionate about movement. I was trained in classical ballet, and have since experimented with modern, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, salsa, swing, and tango. I focus on musicality, body awareness, and expression in each class. However, above all I prioritize joy in any class. In addition to classical ballet vocabulary, I discuss space, level, points, intention, shape, line, and contrast in movement.


I make things I like. Sometimes, other people like them.

Soundcloud - The Silly

Vimeo - The Serious


I teach music lessons for folk & classical styles of guitar, beginning to intermediate piano, healthy vocal technique, and folk harp. In each music lesson, I help students foster trust in their own innate musical abilities while consistently exposing them to new ideas.
I create a safe environment in which a student can question, explore, and challenge – themselves, myself, or the music. My teaching philosophy is a patchwork of great and established education philosophies, my personal values & beliefs, and what my students have taught me about learning.


Chloe is a wonderful teacher that understands how to reach my daughter Rachel in ways that other instructors have been unable to do. She is a perfect mixture of fun and serious teaching that keeps Rachel engaged and learning. Rachel loves coming to her lessons and she loves Chloe.
Julie W.


What a joy it has been to have Miss Chloe as my daughter's piano and voice teacher. Kylie looks forward to her lessons and I hear laughing and giggling, along with music, coming down the hall. Kylie has gained confidence in her piano and voice but also in the classroom presenting reports and projects she's worked on. It is so obvious how much Chloe loves children and helping them discover and explore their own talents.
Julie Z.


Chloe is a very talented and versatile music teacher and is adored by all of her students. She loves culture and brought in, on her own accord, a world map into her music studio to integrate world music history into her lessons. This is something no other teacher has done and has proven to be effective on numerous layers throughout the years. She is dependable, dedicated and exceptional in her ability to connect with others and teach her craft.
Lauren K., co-owner of Art & Soul Music Studios


We are thankful to have found Chloe when my child was discouraged and ready to give up piano with a previous teacher. Chloe really tuned into how my child learns best, she understands her and uses games and different methods to keep piano fun. I credit Chloe with keeping her interested in playing the piano. We will miss her greatly!
Sarah H.


My son was hesitant to switch his piano lesson from his school to a studio. After his very first lesson with Chloe he said, "That was the best piano lesson I have ever had. I love Chloe!"
Nikki T.